Will someone please ask AARP to use their lobbying clout to do something about the ridiculous cost of dental insurance? You would think some smart insurer out there would see that we are spending more money on our teeth than we have since we had orthodontia 50 years ago. And while I’m on the subject what coven of insurers decided not to cover hearing aids which they regard as “discretionary devices”. What?

“The Clock”, 24 hours of video clips of time pieces, ends this Sunday at SFMOMA but chances of getting in the door are slim to zero. Last week I had a special ticket, got there 45 minutes early and was told the wait would be two hours. There were already hundreds of people in line. The Geezer was gone in .03 seconds. Who are all these people willing to wait for anything-like the folks all over town who line up like sheep for a cup of coffee?

I hope you are not intimidated by the life coaches who advise people to FIND YOUR PASSION. I think it’s great if you do and it doesn’t matter whether it’s golf or Lebanese cooking. I admire passion. I’m not convinced, though, that everyone actually has one. If you are your dotage and haven’t found yours yet, there’s always Netflix.

My nominee for the worst name for the best drink around is blood orange juice.

This has been such a golden spring and summer in the Bay Area that it’s understandable if we start finding ourselves genuinely happy (despite those pesky bolts on the new bridge). It’s like that scene in “Angels in America” when the angel is asked what heaven is like and he answers, “Like San Francisco”. The downside of this delight is the danger of a massive tsunami of smugness. Our Bay Area pride is turning into hubris. Are we the luckiest, happiest people on the planet? What about Hawaii? Or Disneyland? I urge you to sublimate your glowing feeling and keep your civic narcissism to yourself. It is only going to encourage outsiders to move here and drive housing prices further through the roof.

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