cogitationPlease excuse me for not being agog over the new Bay Bridge. The tower is splendid, especially at night, but the rest of the span, despite the unobstructed water views, looks like a causeway in the Florida Keys. The really stunning view is from the water and I encourage the Bay Ferry system to reroute their boats under the new Bridge.

Unless you have been prepping weekly by hiking the steepest hill you can find with 40 pounds  in your backpack, I suggest you hesitate two or three times before thinking of climbing Half Dome. My own recent attempt fell short because of heat, smoke from the Rim Fire, and let’s face it, age. Though candidly I did see assorted, far more experienced, REI geezers slogging happily upwards.

And all this time I thought rubbing on a little SPF when I stepped out on a summer’s day was all I had to do to protect my aging dermis. Very wrong as I learned at:

Have you heard from your grown children lately? It’s such a problem in China that there’s a new national law there requiring that kids with parents over 60 visit them frequently and see to their well-being. In my own case, I could always use a box of Dynamo Donuts.

Every September we get reminded of how hot it can get here which is my excuse for my sudden interest in taking afternoon naps just like I did when I was two. And though I try to heed medical advice to constantly hydrate during this weather the result is that I constantly have to micturate. The wilting heat does make me wonder why so many seniors seek solace in Arizona and Florida.

I didn’t get it at the Presidio and now I don’t get it at Fort Mason. In the interest of some kind of misguided historic architectural accuracy the design competition there  requires the buildings at this stunning waterfront site to retain their character of military barracks. Can’t we aim a bit higher?





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  1. John–still a great writer. Bumped into Phil a while back and he told me about Daily Geezer. Just found his card and it inspired me to look you up. Perfect for you–you get to comment on everything. Took me back to your Bark articles–same style, same perspective. Anyway,-signed up and look forward to receiving. Geezerhood becomes you….your old friend–jill

  2. Jill- Thanks for the comments though I suspect the Geezer is modeled closer to “Who’s Who on the Slough”. Would appreciate you passing along subscriptions to anyone you think might be interested. Hope all goes well. Best, John

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