scavengerBay seniors who suspect they are underutilizing their smart phones are 100% correct.Strayboots is a newish app – don’t panic over the technology. If you can take a museum audio tour you can handle this – that turns the streets of San Francisco into a scavenger hunt, throwing out clues, teasing you with riddles, discovering trivia. You download Strayboots onto your cellphone, pick one of the tours and follow their hints to discover hidden parts of town and their amazing histories. In Chinatown you’ll be tipped off to back alleys, Taoist temples, joining mah jong games. Around Union Square you’ll be led to historic hotels, cutting edge art galleries, classic and up-to-the-minute stores. Other tours include Fisherman’s Wharf and North Beach. $5 to $45. 2-3 hours.


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