“Mmm, my favorite, “ I heard an attractive young thing swoon as she lifted a bottle of kale water from a Berkeley Bowl shelf somewhere near the cucumber water and kambocha section. Later that day I noticed a massive billboard on the Central Freeway for bottled carrot juice. Will someone please tell me when America’s taste buds went numb?

Of course we are all in awe of the brain power supercharging Silicon Valley but if they are all so brilliant down there, why can’t they come up with a way to deal with all that damned traffic?

Speaking of techno gold rushes, have you checked out SF’s skyline recently? The most recent issue of San Francisco, the magazine so glossy it slips right through your fingers, previewed a couple of dozen proposed necogitationw high rises.  B-O-R-I-N-G. One thing the new digerati is not on the cutting edge of is –  architecture.

Who says enough affordable housing is not being built here? Have you noticed in Corte Madera right next to 101, in Emeryville inches away from 580, and right down the Peninsula, all those new apartments overlooking freeways? I’m talking about bedrooms 10 feet away from 10 lanes of noisy traffic. What I would like developers to build are large, sunny apartments within walking distance of BART or public transportation. Small garden terraces would be good.

The construction that lifts my heart is all the road and sewer work now repairing the Bay Area’s infrastructure. It’s a sure sign that the state’s coffers are full enough to afford critical rehab.

A current dilemma after the heart breaking experience of putting down my 14-year old Wheaton is whether to get a new pooch. No friend is more loyal than a dog, but I wonder if there is a breed that ”walks” itself?

An always popular subject among my senior circle is life after death. Recently one of them announced she refused to believe in reincarnation. “What if I come back as someone stupid?”she worried.







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