printballBay seniors who want to avoid the tsunami of new technology are advised to move somewhere else. Did you know that they now make printers that print in three dimensions? It’s not some tech fantasy. In Montclair in Oakland the first store has opened where you can print out anything–toys, jewelry, dishware, decorations- in plastic. You can do it on the premises at HoneyBee3D or you can buy your own printer and do it at home.(they start at $300) Lessons are available for you and your cyber children.

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  1. Thanks for writing about us! We offer classes on the technology for all ages, and are excited to be part of the Bay Area family!

    3D printers range in price (for the consumer version) actually from $300 to $3500, so getting one to learn on is not as expensive as one might think! We truly believe this will be a cornerstone of a new type of industrial revolution, and are finding new techs all the time.

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