gospelBay seniors who prefer their holiday spirits amped up to the heavenly gates are encouraged to join in the services at the area’s many gospel churches. The Chronicle has a pretty full listing of places where you can clap your hands and raise your voice and be warmly welcomed by the congregations. If you prefer a more secular setting try the gloriously spirited celebrations of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir who will be raising the rafters at Slims. You’ll find the Geezer at St.Columba’s Catholic Church in Oakland.

One thought on “hallelujah!

  1. Hey Mr. Geezer-
    Since I’m a Bay Senior, I can’t quite figure out how to write to you, so I hope this will do!
    Speaking of glorious holiday music that really lifts the spirit along with dance, gorgeous costumes, and a charming story line, have you heard of the Revels? Well, it’s the California Revels (There are 10 other cities across the country who do this) doing the Christmas Revels, and this year there’s an English theme (1920’s and back in time) at the marvelous old Scottish Rite Theater on Lake Merritt.
    There’s much more to tell, but if you don’t know it and would like to, and have time this weekend, I’d like to offer you tickets….(So that next year you might want to mention it?) M C H

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