horseBay seniors know that it’s madness to watch the Chinese New Year’s Parade ( it’s the Year of the Horse) from downtown sidewalks. The crowds are body-to-body. A few less teeming alternatives include the lion dancers who will be leading the recessional (around noon)at the 11am service at Grace Cathedral on February 9. Then make your way out to the SF Zoo the same day where from 11-3 there’s a celebration including acrobats, Chinese yo yo tricks and a Zodiac scavenger hunt involving zoo animals found on the Chinese calendar. If you were born in one of the years of the horse, admission is free. For those who prefer a semi-mob scene, there’s always the Flower Fair on January 25  and 26 in Chinatown where folk dancers and opera singers will entertain you as you stock up on abundant happiness by purchasing flowers, tangerines and oranges.

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