muirBay seniors time their visits to Muir Woods to avoid the nature mad throngs. An alternative might be a pilgrimage to the home of the father of the National Park Service in Martinez. The 326 – acre site includes Muir’s home, built in 1883 as a gift from his inlaws for what was a fortune at the time – $20,000. It is a 10,000 square foot Italianate Victorian with 17 rooms and 17-foot ceilings. Adjacent to it are what remains of his extensive fruit orchards. There are tables and benches where you can picnic. Behind the home is the Martinez Adobe built in 1849 for the son of the Presidio’s commandante.which contains exhibits of deAnza’s 1775 exploration of California. Use your remaining energy to hike the 2.4 trail up Mt.Wanda (named after one of Muir’s daughters). If you go this weekend you should find it swathed in acres of wildflowers. Open 10-5 Wed-Sun. Free.

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