einsteinGet out your handkerchiefs. For the first time since 1947 boomers are no longer the largest population segment in the country, We have been replaced by 22 year olds. If it is any consolation we, of course, still have more money than they do.

In other surprising geezer metrics did you know that since 2001 there has been a 100% increase in disability placards for cars in the City? Now there are twice as many of these permits as there are metered parking places. We are not atypical. In Sacramento one in every 10 vehicles has those blue cards. By the way, did you know violations for parking in handicapped spots are now up to $1000?

Very quietly, without the applause it deserved, the state government in Sacramento has started functioning again. I am particularly buoyed by the legislators finding funding for a bullet train ( which still won’t catch us up to China, France, Germany, et al). Every time I’m jammed in paralyzed traffic on the way to the mountains I start considering taking Amtrak (NOT a bullet train) from Oakland to Truckee. It’s 6.5 hours and around $50. Sounds much more relaxing than driving unless you’re in a sensor-controlled Google car.

It occurred to me while watching the World Cup why it will never supplant football in this country – the game moves too fast and there are almost no timeouts for commercials. If we can’t have 6 ads every 12 minutes I guess the sport of soccer is not commercially viable.

I used to scorn Charlie Rose for incessantly interrupting his guests with smug comments. These day I am massively impressed by his guest list and his detailed grasp of everything from Jay-Z lyrics to the history of NSA. Jon Stewart has a similar familiarity with what appear to be the five fat non-fiction books he reads every week, though his interviews are blips compared to Rose’s. I’d get a kick out of a documentary that shows me how these guys do it. Especially since tv programming dries up in the summer. Though “Murder in the First” is a guilty pleasure like when one of the cops says he’s going to Hunter’s Point and we see him driving along the Oakland Estuary.

Much to my shock the sleep class I took at Kaiser slowly but surely softened my long-term insomnia. It recommended taking no day naps and staying up til midnight before hitting the sack. Now instead of waking up 5 times a night and feeling like I’m on a forced march through Manchuria, I get up only one or twice and drift back to slumberland. Hallelujah.

What do you think of my ambitious new project in the almost completed Bayfront park in the Berkeley Marina. The views are heart-stopping. I’m thinking it’s the perfect place for large-scale sculptures. Especially since the Bay Area appears to have a glut of Burning Man artists who create stuff like this:





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