matisse,jpgBay seniors who have long since guessed that the Geezer lives in Berkeley, don’t have to guess why. Argument #1: my neighborhood movie theater which is not only within walking distance but just announced a knock-your-socks-off long season of 31 filmed theater, dance, art and opera events which will save me a fortune on NYC airline tickets. Just a whiff of the program includes the wildly praised “Tweflth Night” from London’s Globe Theater, the brilliant new Met exhibit of Matisse cutouts, “Swan Lake” from both the Bolshoi and the Royal Ballet and a tour of the Hermitage. Prices run about $25 per show. The ones that I’ve seen up til now have been amazing, You can see and hear everything which is not always the case when you attend them live. I’m sure the program is repeated around the Bay. Good luck in finding them. I couldn’t.

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