thinkingI am pro-fog. Not just because of its crisp Chardonnay chill or its saline perfume reminding me the mighty Pacific is a few hills away. In my unscientific mind I imagine these damp vapors are reducing the possibility of another firestorm in the dry grasslands above my home – at least until the sun comes out. Speaking (yet again) of drought, you would think someone might come up with a way to tap into all the fog’s free moisture. Actually someone has. In Saudi Arabia they harvest fog with large squares of canvas. Go look it up if you don’t believe me.

Have you noticed your fellow seniors getting colder? It’s not just this early arrival of “June gloom”. Even when the temperature rises they pile on sweaters. The seriously elderly add jackets and scarves as their circulation cools. I cross my fingers and imagine all my exercising will keep my hemoglobin heated.

Being active has its own problems. Walking seems to be a serious issue for our demographic. Atul Gawande in “Being Mortal”, his recent book on how the medical establishment messes with old people, points out that doctors don’t examine feet closely and ignore the callouses and fallen arches that cause us to shuffle along and eventually end up in our rockers. We rely on shoe salesmen who “test” our feet and sell us another pair of midsole lifts. There has got to be a better way.

Deafening applause is due Charlie Rose. The old man is a national treasure. I used to think he was annoyingly, intellectually vain but I’ve had a change of heart. Night after night he sits down with Saudi diplomats, brain surgeons, French actresses, just about every accomplished person passing though Manhattan and probes them (gently) for a nice chunk of time (versus John Stewart’s slam-bang five minutes). Shuffling his research papers on his table he appears to be astonishingly informed on everything from neurology to golf. Rose has been invaluable for decades now and certainly deserves a niche in the Geezer Hall of Fame.

Are we seriously expected to tangle with the knot of computer cords under our desks? It is assumed by techies that we can deal with frozen screens, disappearing applications, dead audio, out-of-date browsers and security threats all by ourselves, as if we were our own IT departments. They suggest we just google our problem and locate the help we need in the hundred message boards discussing it. They tell us to save our stuff up in the clouds as nothing is safe from hackers. When I once asked a support person one too many questions he accused me of “learned helplessness”. I am not a violent man but I came close to fisticuffs that day.

Seasonal Smugness Alert: As the fog lifts and the air warms and the City gleams and the Bay winds whip sailboats west to the Gate you are allowed to say to yourself, “This is the most awesome place to live in the US”. Just don’t say it out loud. What is more annoying then local chauvinism?

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