tenderloin1Bay seniors may think they are hallucinating when they see the transformations in the Tenderloin. Yes, children on their way to school still step around sleeping drunks but, like everywhere in town those trendy techies are taking over. This was once a country village, then a gaudy entertainment center with great Deco-era buildings before it slid down and out into skid row. This Sunday, March 31,you can travel back in time there with the invaluable SF City Guides walking tour. Apparently a police escort is not required. Free. Then on July 16, the Tenderloin History Museum opens in the old Cadillac Hotel on Eddy Street, another sign of the City’s brisk rejuvenation. FYI the word “tenderloin” supposedly came from a New York cop on being transferred to a bribe-filled precinct,” I’ve had nothing but chuck steak for a long time and now I’m going to get me a little tenderloin”.

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