grandfare1Bay seniors who carp about gentrification will find scant sympathy from me. On  still scruffy Grand Avenue in Oakland, a mini Dean&Delucca called Grand Fare Market  just opened and I plan to eventually check out their entire menu. I can report they have the best Reuben in the East Bay,  a seraphic valhrona brownie and an outdoor patio which transports you directly to San Remy.  Across the street the Alchemy  is an exquisitely curated (aren’t we all sick of that word?) whisky and spirit shop whose bottle labels are a veritable art gallery. Meanwhile over on Broadway on what used to be auto row, the Hive just opened and includes  Drake’s Dealership, a vast open-air beer and pizza garden, Calavera an upscale Oaxacan restaurant and, of course, a derigueur barber shop.

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