monkeySpring never gets old. Everything is exploding thanks to our El Nino winter drenching. The trails in the hills are banked with brilliant poppies. Dead lawns are coming back to life. The garden looks like it’s ready for a wedding. Though reservoirs are 100% of normal and it’s still snowing, don’t be fooled. Even if your memory is getting unreliable, try to remember the drought is not over.

I am very grateful to be living in the Age of Uber where I can be chauffeured anywhere any time and never have to look at a map or a meter. The idea of living without a car in California is heresy but I am starting to consider it.

Bad Ideas:

Signing credit card screens with your finger.

Parking meters that require you to print out a receipt and put it on your dashboard.

Amazon’s computer that is being developed to run by voice commands.

Plastic produce bags that don’t open.

$19 glasses of wine.

Waaaaarriors! The addiction to watching every single game is untreatable. My wife even insists on viewing post-game recaps. She has her favorite players and now, her favorite sportscasters. Reading local newspaper sports reporters trying to capture spectacular Steph in high flying prose is a great way to start the morning.

I’m hoping these new virtual reality devices will make it possible for my granddaughter in DC to sit on my lap in California.

In the Best-0f-Times-Worst-of-Times Department, the surge of prosperity seems to be accompanied by a crime wave. SF now has the highest per capita rate of robberies in the country. Thieves are stealing cameras from tourists on Lombard Street fergodsake. In our neighborhood they are stealing mail. Yesterday our recycling bin vanished. You would think that with all the surveillance videos everywhere these crooks could be nailed.

Trump’s tagline needs a rewrite – Make America Hate Again.


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