CASTLEHenry McCloskey’s wife was so freaked out by the 1906 Quake that she had her husband build a 24-room concrete block and steel reinforced medieval castle in the dunes above Pacifica. You can visit it this weekend and check out the additions made by its later eccentric owner, Sam Mazza, who placed oversized chess pieces and dragons around the property. Housing a speakeasy during prohibition was only one of its many incarnations. August 13-14 $10-$25. My apologies for not alerting you earlier that also next weekend, Berkeley Heritage is holding open houses at three of certified genius Bernard Maybeck’s residences. I hope tickets are still available. Did you know Maybeck also designed the gorgeous Packard showroom at Van Ness and Ellis? The owner was so impressed he gave Maybeck a 640 Phaeton Packard which has been fully restored and will be spotlit at Sunday event. $40


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