Did anyone tell you this Friday is an international countercultural day celebrating cannabis? Or that  it started forty years ago at 4:20 pm at San Rafael High School? Of course the Bay Area is lighting up for the event. Even though inhaling is still a crime, federal law local authorities look the other way and will be letting thousands puff happily from 9-6 on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. Or head over to the Mission where they will be festing a Spark 4.2 party from 11-9 with food trucks and an array of craft beer, sangria and munchies for $4.20 each. Down the street at Spark Social there’s an even lengthier menu of $4.20 treats from 11-9. If you enjoy mob rule why not check out the free First Annual Cannabis Festival in Dolores Park from 3 to whenever. They even have a Stoned Olympics with bong relay races and joint rolling competitions.


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