Perhaps the jolliest entertainment our generation ever generated is still droll, alive and kicking. The Renaissance Faire continues its amusing ways down in Hollister on weekends from 10 to 6 thru October 21. There’s plenty of music and dancing. This weekend it’s Tempest who performs Celtic Rock. Meanwhile 200 artisans ply their crafts. Food includes English classics like bangers and mash , fish and chips and meat pies, but there’s considerably more such as Greek specialties and an endless assortment of ales, ciders and mead. The afternoon Tea with the Queen (I assume it’s the first Elizabeth) sounds uniquely inviting. The games are authentic like fencing, axe throwing, a maypole carousel and a juggling school. Check out the various fortune tellers. In fact the whole thing sounds crammed with nonstop pleasures, exactly like what I loved 40 years ago.Entrance fee $28.

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